June 23, 2005

My dearest *:

I’ve received your letter, Agatha Christie books and a package with articles. Thank you very much for everything and especially for the articles. They were great help to me.

I’ve read about your class in Hebrew Literature of the Bible and feel that you have really fallen in love with your religion classes. So have I with Philosophy. I have the same feeling – “breathless and as if I am in whirlwind”. That’s it!!!

When I began to study History of Philosophy it was necessary for me, because I had to take my Degree if I wanted to keep on teaching English at the university. Later I understood that I liked it and then that I fell in love with it really. But I’ve got the same problem – if I only had enough time for studying the subject. I try to find time, of course, but it’s not enough. My job and children take so much time!

…The prices of gas to hit homes are also very high here, but I think we’ll survive it – you and we. We’ll try, shan’t we? Let’s hope for the best, because it’s so hard to live without hope.

Thank you again for Richard Rorty’s articles. I’ll try to find some Hilary Putnam’s ones myself.

Take care of yourself and your dear men.

 Lots of love, *

July 27, 2007

Dear *:

I’ve received your letter and the birthday presents in the package. Thank you very much! I like my blouse and my gown, my favorite Christie’s book and the “Red Door” by Elizabeth Arden, of course. This year you are the first one to give me my birthday presents. But I’m afraid I’m the last one to give you yours. I mailed a package to you a week ago (shame on me!). Hope it arrives safely. The reason of such delay is that July has been a busy month for me…

…Besides for the same two weeks I had to give classes to a student. One of my friends begged me to help the boy. He is her nephew (her sister’s-in-law son). 15 years ago they went to Germany as her husband was a German. They’ve been living there since that time. Once a year or two they come to Russia to see her mother. She lives in *. The boy, he is 15 and his name is *, has got some problems with English grammar and his English teacher too, I’m afraid. So they wanted me to help him. But the main problem was that * spoke Russian badly and I almost forgot German which I had studied some twenty years before. It was so difficult to explain him some grammar rules! He couldn’t understand using of Tenses, Passive Voice, Direct and Indirect Speech and some Infinitive Constructions. It was very difficult. But we did it! He’s such a smart boy. Today is our last lesson and * is so sorry to part with me as there are lots of Grammar topics left, which he doesn’t understand either. Besides it’s appeared that English grammar is not so awful and incomprehensible as he used to think. So * goes on repeating “It’s easy! I can’t believe it’s so easy!” He’s really a good boy.

I can compare English, German and Russian now and can say that Russian is the most difficult language among them. The easiest is English (really!).The only difficult aspect of English grammar for a Russian - speaking person is the using of Tenses as we have got only the Present, the Past and the Future in Russian. It’s so difficult for my students to understand what all these “Simples, Progressives and Perfects” are for…

Hope you are doing fine.

Love, *


March 15, 2009

My dear *,

…Your black tie dinner sounds great as usual and a description of a chocolate pyramid cake sounds so delicious! But I’m on a diet now and try not to think about such tasty but very rich in calories things. It’s so difficult to be on a diet with our Russian cuisine – everything is made with lots of grease and all that. I try to eat more vegetables and fruit and less bread and sweets but it’s VERY difficult. So I appreciate your strong will and congratulate you on 20 pounds lost being on a diet...

In some days the third term in schools will end and children will have their spring holidays for 9 days. I’m afraid * will get “fours” (BВs) in Russian and Math this term. But it was the longest term and the material was difficult and I can’t blame only him. But he could try to work harder, of course. Well, at any rate all other marks are excellent.

*also tries to work hard and I try to earn money. So everyone in our family “tries” to do something, not very successful sometimes but an attempt itself is important, I guess.

Hope all of you are doing fine and your marital problems are working out. I do hope very much. Say hello to *, *and *.

Lots of love, *


December 18, 2010

Hi *!

It has been so long between my letters again! I’m really sorry for not writing soon, but life seems so busy and crazy again. I even don’t know if I have an opportunity to have a short break in the nearest future. This year again I have two jobs. Life has become so expensive! We needed so little some years ago and nowadays I can see that the more I earn the more we need. It’s an everlasting process, I’m afraid. I hate it and I hate my complaining about it, but I can’t change it anyway. Have you noticed that my every letter contains some complains every time? I’m becoming a grumbling old lady, I guess…

How’re * and *? How are you and *? Hope all of you are doing just fine.

Can you believe that Christmas is almost “round the corner”? I can’t!!!

Lots of love, *


May 20, 2011

My dear *,

…As I’ve already complained my life seems to consist of three parts – work, work and work. Little time for * is left and almost nothing for me. Really. I remember the time when I could read my favourite books for some hours a day in the evening. I’m so exhausted in the evening now that only dream about going to bed. I spend a lot of time reading papers in Philosophy or writing my own ones and preparing for my classes. Thank God I love my job and the process of teaching itself. If I didn’t like it, I would go mad, I guess…

So in the whole our life is wonderful. The weather is nice and warm. What else does one need?

Love, *

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